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The Hunter Wellington: A Classy Rain Boot

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It doesn’t rain often in California so I never owned a pair of rain boots growing up. Then I stumbled upon these Hunter Wellington Original Tall Women’s Boots and thought those are the classiest rain boots I have ever seen! I must find a reason to wear them! So this is where a California girl wears rain boots…

at the beach of course! This is Daisy and I exploring the tide pools at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego. Now, you have to be careful where you place your footing and not tread on the tide pool creatures but when I visited there weren’t very many out and about. There was a lot of slippery seaweed and algae like in this shot:

But that didn’t stop us from looking! The bottom of the boots have great traction so I didn’t slip once nor did I get my feet wet when waves crashed against the rocks and splashed me. Although after a while your feet will get sweaty (they are made of rubber) so wear socks that wick away moisture like wool. I bought the basket weave knit welly sock from them and they look so cute! I might get a few more pairs if we get hit with any April showers this spring. The ones I bought are a medium, which fit fine but I think a small would fit better when I pair the boots with jeans. Also, I normally wear an 8.5 shoe size, but the boots are in 8 and fit perfectly. Here are more photos of the boots in action:

As you can see they’re easy to walk around in and hop from rock to rock. They are a challenge to drive in though since they’re not that flexible at the ankle but it’s not impossible. Here is what they look like without the socks:

Overall I love these boots and I know they’ll last me forever. It may not rain that often here in Southern California but these are perfect tide pooling boots for when the weather is too cold to go barefoot or you need something sturdier than sandals. And when it does rain, I’ll want to go out and show these off ;).

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  1. I hope they last you longer than most people I know. Hunters were originally made in Scotland, but are now recently (and sadly) made in China. They are just not what they used to be…well made, durable and long-lasting. Many people I know have had issues with them cracking and leaking, and Hunter will guarantee for just 12 months. It’s too bad because they really are adorable. I went with Sperry’s ‘Pelican Too’, similar but much less expensive. Just my 2 cents! :)

    • With Hunter boots they need to be oiled and stored in a place not exposed to heat or cold and they’ll last longer that way. I think people see that they can get them dirty and rough them up in the mud but if you want them to last then I’ve found that you have to baby them :). Looked at the Sperry’s and they’re cute too but I went with Hunter for the classy look.

  2. I may just break down and buy a pair, and hope for the best. No one offers the color choices like Hunter. I’m dying to have the Tiffany blue ones! :)

    • That was the toughest decision for me- the color! They’re all beautiful! The socks are cute too but I found a wider selection of styles on Etsy (some are even cheaper).


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